Animal Crossing Direct: When & How To Watch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will have its own Direct, possibly announcing the big content updates. Here’s how and when to watch.

After months of speculation, we finally have the answer after all these months. Animal Crossing New Horizons, it was announced during the September Nintendo Direct that ACNH will get its own Animal Crossing Direct in October 2021. The announcement came alongside teaser images of Brewster and The Roost, which will be added to the New Horizons museum via a free content update in November. Like past Nintendo Direct showcases, players will be able to tune in online to get further details on Brewster and upcoming New Horizons content.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons had a difficult summer for content updates. 2021 has seen little new content and repetitions of past events, unlike 2020, which introduced major mechanics like swimming and diving. While base gameplay in New Horizons can keep players busy for dozens of hours, many who have played since release have been holding out hope for updates focused on new Animal Crossing NPCs, shops, or upgrades to boost is already enjoyable about the game.

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According to the official Animal Crossing Twitter account, The Animal Crossing Direct will be live on October 15 at 7 AM PT or 10 AM ET. New Horizons fans will be able to tune in on Nintendo’s Twitch and YouTube channels for the broadcast. For those who are unable live stream the stream, it will be available afterward on YouTube. While the announcement teaser for the November content update appears to focus on Brewster and The Roost, it is also possible players will learn about plans for upcoming events or other New Horizons’ future content.

Animal Crossing Direct: What Can You Expect About The Update & Amiibo Cards

Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct October

It was also confirmed that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be getting a 5th series of Amiibo cards, which will be revealed during the Animal Crossing Direct. Currently, nothing is known about who might be included in the pack, but it is possible players may have the chance to invite NPCs from past Animal Crossing games, or even obtain exclusive new villagers unique to ACNH. Amiibo cards are a way for players to handpick their Villagers, rather than hunting for certain characters on Mystery Island Tours, and could be a great tool for those considering restarting their New Horizons islands for a fresh town design.

Despite the benefits that major base gameplay updates would have, it seems unlikely that Nintendo will announce expansions to island size or upgrades to existing buildings. With ACNH nearing its second birthday, it is more likely Nintendo will continue to focus on returning events, and add small updates like Brewster and the cafe to keep players interested. Brewster, The Roost and other updates will hopefully be available. Animal Crossing New HorizonsPlayers can discover new ways to enjoy island life while visiting a familiar location and NPC.

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