Angry Taco Bell patron sentenced for deadly hit-and-run crash in Brooklyn Center

In a moment of apparent frustration at Taco Bell in Brooklyn Center last Summer, a woman drove her car into an elderly woman and hit and killed her. She will be sentenced to prison.

Tammy Renae Olson, 49 years old, was sentenced to four year imprisonment for criminal vehicular murder in connection with the June 1 crash.

According to the criminal case, a witness claimed that Olson was riding in a black Audi and yelling against him for not moving quickly through the Taco Bell drive thru. Soon after, she sped off and hit Joyce Acosta (84 years old) in the crosswalk between Xerxes Avenue North & Bass Lake Road. Olson was arrested at her Brooklyn Center residence hours later.

Acosta died approximately one week after the hit and ran.

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Olson told police that Acosta ran out in front her after she left the restaurant. Police said Olson had admitted that she fled the scene of the accident and that she had been drinking before the incident.

Olson pleaded guilty earlier this month to the charges.

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