An Easily Digestible Timeline Of Taco Bell’s Rise To Power

The Taco Bell labs may have produced the greatest chimera to date Crunchwrap Supreme. Crunchwrap Supreme is an item that was created when workers at the prep station gathered the leftovers and made a tortilla. The shape is perfect. Imagine walking into a fast-food restaurant and being handed a soft hexagon. You better believe you’re at Taco Bell.

Tacos Gone Loco With Doritos

Willis Lam

2012 saw Taco Bell jump the shark. However, Fonz jumping the shark was cool enough to win Emmys. They introducedThe Doritos Locos Taco, a crispy taco served in Doritos shells. The internet public ridiculed the creation and poked fun at it. “who would eat that.”We knew deep down that we would eat Taco Bell’s tacos. We would eat three to four of them at once. Taco Bell created yet another food equivalent to a french bulldog. While the morals of its existence may be questioned, the joy it brings is undeniable.

Now, it’s our turn to wait with bated breath for the next release from the Taco Bell lab. Thanos and Taco Bell: two unstoppable giants in different shades. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat a chalupa and take a positively thunderous dookie.

Top Image: Public Domain/Pexels

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