Amira Moves On From Andrew To Date New American Boyfriend

After her split from Andrew Kenton, Amira Lollysa meets her mystery man in Las Vegas. The 90 Day Fiancé star’s secret BF is also from America.

French Egyptian 90 Day Fiancé star Amira Lollysa has a new boyfriend in America after splitting with daycare dude Andrew Kenton for good. Saumur resident Amira thought her small-town life was too boring so found love internationally in Andrew via a dating app. The couple met in Las Vegas after Andrew was the first to message them. He proposed to Amira within three days. Amira and Andrew had a difficult marriage. COVID-19 was a significant disruptor for the couple.

90 Day Fiancé documented Andrew’s manipulative side. Viewers were stunned that he didn’t help Amira, who was being held by Mexican authorities. Amira later flew to Serbia amid the riots. Andrew was a different opinion about future children, and she ended up splitting with Amira.


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During the 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All, Amira lost sympathy from some viewers and cast members after she revealed she was now with a new American man. Rumours circulated that Amira’s boyfriend was Camel Ventura. But InTouchAccording to reports, Amira has a new boyfriend. He appears to be completely different. “Amira traveled from her hometown, Paris, to visit her mystery man in Las Vegas,”The publication was informed by an insider. Amira, a beautiful woman, made an appearance at a Nevada beauty shop with her boyfriend. According to Amira, her boyfriend and she enjoy traveling and vacationing together. However, she would prefer to keep it a secret for now.

Andrew Kenton Amira Lollysa Serbia USA Visa In 90 Day Fiance

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“She was in a cheery mood and happy to be reunited with him,” the insider mentioned, which suggests this could be the same man who joined Amira in Canada in September. Amira spent the night in Toronto with her new boyfriend and took a romantic trip to Niagara Falls. Amira was asked by an Instagram follower if she had any suggestions. “romance in Canada,”She confessed. “I thought I did.” Some took this to mean Amira broke up with the man over the course of her trip. She admitted she trusts people too easily and sees the good in them when there is none.

During her latest 90 Day FiancéAmira, who was appearing on 90 Day Diaries revealed that her new boyfriend was choosing engagement rings for her. Still, it cannot be confirmed if these men are now Amira’s exes like Andrew or were the same person all along. Amira may be trying to keep her boyfriend secret since she was possibly being recruited for a new spinoff. Amira is likely to be able stay in America this time and explore the makeup shops she missed in Saumur.

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Source: InTouch

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