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Another week is upon us, which means it’s time to press play on 10 Cool Pop Songs to Get You Through the Week. If you’re looking for some inspiration and sonic fuel, we’ve rounded up songs from Aly & AJ, Duran Duran ft. Tove Lo, Hippo Campus, Dreamer Boy ft. BENEE and Craig David & MNEK and others to help get you through another week.

Slide any of these gems into your personal playlist to get energized to take on the week – or scroll to the end of the post for a custom playlist of all 10.

You can also try it with Blood Orange. “Bound”

Wet is back, and independent! With the emotive pop that brought them to the forefront in 2016, their latest offering, Letter Blue, is a return to the spotlight. The album shines and envelopes the listener in a dreamy synth-filled cocoon before reaching a sweet spot halfway through. “Bound.” Blood Orange blends seamlessly in both production and vocals — a nod to the collaborators’ total harmony on the track. – Starr Bowenbank

Hippo Campus, “Boys”

Hippo Campus isn’t new to having pointed lyrics in their songs, and “Boys” is proof — the new track sees lead singer Jake Luppen cutting into the messiness of one’s twenties with expert precision, starting off like a movie before gradually descending into a happy-go-lucky chaos by the bridge. – S. Bowenbank

Mild Orange “The Time of Our Lives”

Mild Orange has mastered the art and craft of making music that is nostalgic, as demonstrated by “The Time of Our Lives.”The indie band reflects on their trip to Japan through rose-colored lenses, which is a natural choice considering the pandemic. Hints of shoegaze come together with the group’s self-described “melting melodies” for a concoction that’s satisfying enough to get swept up in. – S. Bowenbank

Sycco and Alice Ivy “Weakness”

For the perfect summer close, Alice Ivy (28-year-old Australian musician/producer) teams up with Sycco (a rising singer-songwriter who was up in the Triple J Unearthed Artisan of the Year award in 2019). Ivy delivers a welcome dose of reverb while Sycco plays with repeated phrases, working together to ensure this one gets stuck deep in listeners’ heads. – Lyndsey Havens

Aly & AJ “Am I Alright”

Aly & AJ are gearing up to release the deluxe edition of their stellar summer album a touch more of the beat gets your feet up and out into the sun. They continue to release innovative and edgy songs with the latest being “Am I Alright.”The vibrant color of the often-dark question is enhanced by the steady drumbeat and plinking riff. “am I alright?” – L. Havens

Duran Duran ft. Tove Love, “Give It All Up”

Duran Duran delve into dark, moody atmospherics on “Give It All Up,”Their new album Future Past features this song as a highlight. The English hitmakers still have an ineffable alchemy together after 40 years. Adding Tove Lo, a Swedish dark-pop chanteuse, to the mix is smart move that takes “Give”To the next level in melancholy pop bliss. – Joe Lynch

Ariana and The Rose ft. Cakes da Killa “London Boys”

Synth-pop purveyor Ariana and the Rose and electro-infused rapper Cakes da Killa – neither one a stranger to the dancefloor – team up on “London Boys,”This is a four-on the-floor house banger about beautiful Brits. It boasts a very fire verse from Cakes. – J. Lynch

Craig David & MNEK, “Who You Are”

This inspired pairing is introduced by a gentle harp arrangement. Craig David and MNEK find a common ground between two generations of radio-ready R&B. “Who You Are”It is both understated yet exciting. Two pros deliver romantic deference without sacrificing unnecessary vocal theatrics. – Jason Lipshutz

Hope Tala “Tiptoeing”

Hope Tala’s rhythmic pop often flows so naturally that it’s not hard to overlook the intricacies of her songwriting. New single “Tiptoeing,” which was created with Greg Kurstin, presents itself as both easily developed and fussily mastered, with Tala’s tone offering comfort but the production and lyrics striving for a complex equilibrium. – J. Lipshutz

Dreamer Boy feat. BENEE, “Are You Letting Go?”

Are you ready for the “Circles”This fall? “Are You Letting Go?,”The new Dreamer Boy/BENEE partnership nails the balance between pop-rock crooning and alt-rock singing that Post Malone rode to fame two years ago. BENEE interacts well with electric guitar riffs and channel the same charm that helped her become a household name. “Supalonely”become her breakthrough. – J. Lipshutz

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