All Of Matthew Vaughn’s Films Ranked Worst To Best

Vaughn was a producer for Guy Ritchie, a fellow British filmmaker. Ritchie codified the London crime thriller genre with films like “Snatch” “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”Vaughn’s directorial debut was a very similar one to his long-time friend. “Layer Cake”It is far from a Ritchie copy. Ritchie’s films are darkly funny and fast-paced, but Vaughn chooses to tell a tragic story about a man who can’t escape the consequences of his criminal life.

“Layer Cake”This film starred Daniel Craig as the notorious cocaine smuggler known as “The Dark Knight.” “XXXX”He is most well-known for his performance as James Bond. XXXX realizes how dangerous the drug wars have become and seeks to retire early. After deciding to be a legitimate businessman, XXXX reenters the game when Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham), asks him to manage one last job. Craig brilliantly displays XXXXX’s conflicted feelings. Although he is able to manage a tight operation, he is hesitant about engaging because he fears being drawn back in.

It can be confusing to understand the various political and gang players involved in the heists. Vaughn clarifies each group’s role in the story and gives them a purpose. Even minor characters like Tom Hardy’s Clarkie are memorable.

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