A Twitch channel known for ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ earned over $9 million in the last 2 years, the highest payout listed in the data leak

Matthew Mercer and Marisha Ray of Critical Role in 2017.

Critical Role, a media company that showcases actors playing roles, is called Critical Role. “Dungeons and Dragons”Together.
Twitch leaks data showing that Critical Role made over $9.6 Million in the last two years.
However, this excludes sales from merch and sponsorships as well as funding for animated fantasy TV shows.

Who knew that playing could be so fun? “Dungeons and Dragons”Could you make millions of dollars?

A hacker leaked earnings data of top Twitch streamers earlier this week. The hacker uploaded a torrent of a file 125 gigabytes to 4Chan. This file contained the livestreaming platform’s source codes, plans for a new video game market place, as well as earnings from top creators.

While the platform’s video-game streamers are the largest earners, Critical Role (828,000 Twitch fans) claimed the top spot. They have a web series with eight actors that features a campaign in the roleplaying tabletop gaming game. “Dungeons and Dragons”Together (though it also streams talks shows and music).

According to leaked data Critical Role earned $9.6 Million between August 2019 and Sept 2021. The money came from Twitch subscribers and tips (which Twitch calls “tips”) “bits”), and ad revenue.

Twitch subscriptions can be purchased in three levels. The lowest is $4.99 and the next two are $9.99 or $24.99. Twitch and the channel share the revenue from subscriptions evenly. However, larger channels can negotiate for a higher share. According to TwitchTracker, Critical Role now has 13,530 active subscribers. These subscribers have immediate access to the episodes after each week’s campaign episodes. These episodes air on Thursdays, and subscribers must wait until Monday to view them on YouTube.

Critical Role’s revenue is not only $9.6 million from Twitch. It excludes donations, YouTube revenue (1.4 million subscribers), merchandise (which include dice sets and puzzles) and sponsorships.

Matthew Mercer is an anime and videogame voice actor. He is the dungeon master, and host of main campaigns. The first campaign lasted more than 150 episodes between March 2015 and October 2017.

Critical Role has since grown to be a fully-fledged media company. Critical Role funded an animated series called “The Legend of Vox Machina,”Kickstarter raised over $11,000,000, making it the largest funded TV or film project. Amazon Prime Studios picked up the project and it will be shown on Amazon Prime Studios’ website in February 2022.

Critical Role did no immediate respond to a request for comment on the company’s size. However, its LinkedIn page lists employees in marketing, business development photography, editing, as well as one person responsible for keeping track the lore and details of its fantasy world.

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