5 Reasons Why Pineapple Does NOT Belong on Pizza in Massachusetts

It’s obvious that pizza is a favorite food of almost everyone. We can all agree on this. There are some toppings that simply do not belong on pizza. Pineapple is the only topping that should not be on pizza. Many will agree with me, while others will be outraged that I even had the nerve to write that. As they should, this topic is highly polarizing. Let’s look at why this is…

There are many reasons why pineapple shouldn’t be on pizza. When you think about what is on a typical pizza, you likely think of your preferred cheese, sauce, crust, then pineapple. Wait, what? Gross! It was delicious, even the pineapple part. Some people don’t like the texture it adds to pizzas as a topping. It sounds horrible just thinking about it. It just doesn’t work.

These are just a few of my simple opinions. These opinions don’t get to the core of the issue. Why pineapple isn’t on Massachusetts pizza?

Reasons Why Pineapple Does NOT Belong On Pizza in Massachusetts

This is it! There are many reasons to stop thinking about putting pineapple on pizza again. Not just in Massachusetts but all over the world. It’s fine in Canada, I suppose. It’s almost like the pepperoni in Canada, if you read the whole thing about Canada. Okay, maybe that’s OK. But in no other circumstances should pineapple ever be on pizza!

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