2022 NFL free agency:  Baker Mayfield’s future; Wednesday’s winners and losers

As Cabot summed up: Mayfield and the Browns answered questions about a shoulder injury to his non-throwing shoulder in a different way. There were signs that Mayfield wasn’t very popular with his teammates. She reported frustration among some defensive players, and the response of other players to a rift between Odell Beckham and Mayfield.

Perhaps most importantly, however, the No. The No. 1 overall pick in 2018 was never a player.

After Mayfield’s 48-point performance in the playoff win over Steelers last January, the Browns didn’t seem to be interested in Mayfield’s contract extension. This is because it’s not just about Mayfield’s shoulder injury which required offseason surgery. It’s also about his talent as well as whether he’s a good fit for Stefanski’s system.

Mayfield throws a beautiful, precise ball when it is visible to him. He must see it. And he misses a lot, especially in the middle of the field. He does not let go of the ball, and he holds onto it for a long time. This results in a lot of sacks. If you’re Russell Wilson, it’s a fair tradeoff. Mayfield, 26, is a younger Wilson version without the same athleticism and creativity. This makes Mayfield a mid-level, limited starting quarterback who can be a valuable asset if everything goes according to plan. Mayfield has no physical or processing ability to back him up if something goes wrong, such as when he is forced to play through an injury.

Mayfield can still assist a team; however, it almost certainly won’t happen in Cleveland. The Browns won’t regret granting him his fifth-year option for 2022. Mayfield is an asset. His trade value cannot possibly be lower than Carson Wentz’s this year. (Can it?) The Seahawks seem like a viable trade candidate. After trading Wilson to the Broncos, they have a need. And I’ve never doubted that Pete Carroll is trying to rebuild Seattle. What if a second-round draft pick is available? Depending on how the week goes, the Colts, Panthers Raiders and Falcons could all be fit.

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