19 Dead, Including 9 Children, in NYC Apartment Fire

NEW YORK (AP) — Nineteen people, including 9 children, have been killed in an apartment fire in New York City, in what the city’s fire commissioner called one of the worst blazes in recent memory.

Photo Credit: Scott Heins, Getty Images

The death toll for Sunday was confirmed by a fire official who was not authorized not to speak publicly. The city official confirmed the death of the children.

Numerous people were hurt in the Bronx fire and 32 people were hospitalized.

Photo Credit: Scott Heins, Getty Images

According to the FDNY approximately 200 firefighters responded on Sunday to the scene at Twin Park apartments.

Fatal Fire in New York City’s Bronx Borough on January 9, 2022

Fatal Fire in New York City’s Bronx Borough on January 9, 2022

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Wildfire in Louisville, Colorado December 2021

Officials estimate that 991 homes were lost in wildfires that destroyed Centennial Heights, Louisville, Colorado, on December 30, 2021.

While most people managed to escape, there were some who were not so fortunate. Investigators still find human remains in the rubble a week later.

Although the cause of the fire is still unknown, it is clear that it was fueled by winter winds that sometimes gusted to more 100 miles an hour.

It is currently the most destructive fire in Colorado’s historical history, as of 2022.

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