17 Pumpkin Treats to Try Around Champaign-Urbana

What could be more appealing than fall in Champaign Urbana It’s possible that the delicious pumpkin treats are what lure you in this time of year.

It’s October … the air is getting crisper. Champaign-Urbana’s pumpkin patches have opened. Halloween is in the air, and we are ready to get our sweaters on and have bonfires.

That means it’s time for all things pumpkin — to eat.

We focus on local restaurants and businesses in Champaign-Urbana, as with all our food trail posts. (This alphabetical list is for reference only.)

Some of these culinary delights may be seasonal. We’ve tried to note that where we can. Get your pumpkin fix soon, don’t delay.

Champaign–Urbana Pumpkin Food Trail and Drink Trail

Art Mart, 1705 S. Prospect Ave., Champaign: If you’ve ever tried Art Mart’s pumpkin cookies, then you know why they are on this list! These iced cookies are fresh for over 35 seasons and will make your mouth water from the first bite. Art Mart also offers a variety of pumpkin options, including pumpkin cream- cheese danishes and turnovers, pumpkin cream- cheese muffins, pumpkin cream- cheese muffins, and housemade pumpkin lattes. Look out for pumpkin gooey Butter bars soon.

Cafe KopiChampaign: Visit 109 N. Walnut St. to find pumpkin frappuccinos, hot or cold pumpkin spice latte, and iced pumpkin coldbrew coffee. Kopi also has pumpkin bread that can be enjoyed with your morning, afternoon or both.

Curtis Orchard, 3902 S. Duncan Road, Champaign: With so many fall treats to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. Since pumpkin is the focus here, we’ll note that Curtis Orchard offers pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting as well as take-and-bake pumpkin pies. However, it’s hard not to think of its apple cider slushes, fritters, and glazed or cake apple donuts.

Homestead Bakery, 1749B County Road 1900N Arthur – One reader says. “Their pumpkin bars are simply heaven. The best pumpkin bars there are.”While you’re there, be sure to stop by the pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

Hopscotch Bakery and MarketChampaign: Hopscotch has a pumpkin cake (with cookie butter), that is as beautiful as it is delicious; a pumpkin cheesecake; and a wonderful pumpkin cookie. Make sure to try its golden pumpkin latte or cold brew cider while you’re there.

Industrial Donut, 501 Commerce Dr., Savoy: Be on the lookout for Industrial’s pumpkin pie donuts and pumpkin flavored cake donuts to hit the store soon — “They’re a huge hit!”

Jarling’s Custard CupChampaign, 309 W. Kirby Ave.: The pumpkin pie snowstorm is a seasonal favorite. Jarling’s uses a special house-made pumpkin pie mix, blended with vanilla wafers and custard. For an extra special touch, it even comes with whipped cream.

Just BEE Açaí(Food truck): Just Bee Acai’s seasonal flavors debuted on October 1. We hope that the pumpkin pie overnight oatmeals will make a comeback, as they are what fall mornings should consist of.

Lucky Moon Pies & MoreMahomet, 401 E. Oak St. We cannot wait to make the three-layered pumpkin cakes.

Oh Honey Pie (food truck): Coming soon — Oh Honey Pie’s pumpkin pie. You can get it as a full-sized pie, or as part of the fall sample pack. The pie is made with Oh Honey’s own carmelized heavy cream which makes the pie oh so irresistible. You should also check out the other fall favorites like caramel apple, pecans, peaches, cream, and salted honey.

The Original Pancake House, 1909 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign: As if the pancakes weren’t already delicious enough, patrons look forward to OPH’s pumpkin pancakes, which debut Sept. 1. They taste great with butter, melted chocolate chips and whipped cream. Yum.

Pandamonium Doughnuts, 1105 Windsor Road, Champaign: Pandamonium Doughnut’s pumpkin spice doughnut is always a fall fan pleaser. It is made with pumpkin spiced cake, cream cheese frosting, toasted pepitas and a dusting pumpkin spice on top. The menu will include pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider and caramel apple cider as well as maple sugar lattes and vegan apple cider doughnuts.

Pies by Inge212 W. Washington St. Monticello. Pies By Inge can satisfy your pumpkin cravings. They sell pumpkin bars like crazy, so they actually serve pumpkin bars all year. Pumpkin lovers can also enjoy the pumpkin cheesecake pies or pumpkin praline.

Sidney Dairy barn311 W. Main St. Sidney: The pumpkin tornado is a popular dessert that draws in thousands of people year after year. It’s a blend of ice cream and marshmallows, caramel, graham crackers and whipped cream.

Tasty Tart, 405 S. Neil St. Suite C, Champaign: Check out the Halloween Boo Box which features tarts in chocolate marmalade, caramel pumpkin, cookies ‘n cream, and tiramisu. You can preorder your treats by October 28 to be picked up on Oct. 30-31.

The New Sweet Indulgence, 2149 S. Neil St., Champaign: The New Sweet Indulgence’s pumpkin cinnamon rolls are eagerly awaited by superfans each year. Topped with frosting, pecans, and cinnamon drizzle, they aren’t your average cinnamon roll. “They are my favorite fall weekend breakfast.”  “They just scream fall!”You should also try the iced pumpkin cookies.

Whisk Coffee and Wine Bar1704 Patton Dr. Suite 4, Mahomet. For a fall pick me up, make sure you try the pumpkin spice frappe and coffee. Every day is a good morning for coffee.

Are you aware of someone or something that we missed? We would love to hear about your favorite pumpkin recipes and the reasons they are so delicious. 

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